15 September 2016

spotlight: Sidney Toledano

2016 marks the integral moment when the house of Dior finally appoints a female design to the helm of it's oh-so successful ready-to-wear and couture designs. The house built by Christian Dior in 1947, one based on a feminine silhouette that empowered women with a "New Look" of nipped waists and ample skirts celebrating the female form, welcomes Italian designer Maria Grazia Chiuri to take over 60 years after its' creation.

As with all great fashion brands, Dior is a house shrouded in controversy with a touch of drama. John Galliano's bias-cut dresses, passion for historical references, and a flair for the dramatic created some of the most beautiful, elaborate, and profitable collections the company had ever seen. In the last few years, however, handbags and accessories have become the money-makers, a fact that the CEO of Christian Dior Couture is well aware of. 

Adecade at the helm of Lancel, a french-based handbag company, offered him the opportunity to learn what women looked for in a handbag. Quick to catch on to the needs of the clients, the year following his arrival to Christian Dior, he would oversee the introduction of the house's now-iconic bag, the Lady Dior. Wife of French President Jacques Chirac gifted the bag to Princess Diana, and the rest is, as they say, history. 

The man, the myth, the legend. {ahram}

Moroccan by birth, Monsieur Toledano has seen a rotation of international designers add to the impressive collections of the Dior creative teams. Most recently, he spook to the incoming class of students at the IFM, touching on the heritage of the house and their future projects throughout the world. One of their most exciting endeavors to date is the "Miss Dior" exhibition, currently making its way through Asia, with plans to finish in Paris.

15 February 2015

kiff du moment : les plumes Marni

In an attempt to clean out my overflowing closet, I've joined Vestiaire Collective.

A virtual consignment shop of haut de gamme labels, the site offers up a section of hand-picked new arrivals, including this feathered beauty.

In the time it took to make two calls : one to the dry cleaner specializing in exotic feathers, one to the bank demanding a student loan on the basis of fabulous-ness, the jacket had already sold. At a cool 1200€. 

Le luxe ne connait pas la crise. 

27 January 2015

Archi-cool girl Tavi Gevinson reveals her back-stage dressing room to The Covateur. As if life wasn't unfair enough as it is, she shows off her acquired collection of hand-me-downs from Stevie Nicks and humble-brags her way through 42 snaps of life with famous fashionable friends. I want those Cole Haan booties. I need those Cole Haan booties. 

16 January 2015

moss is boss

Queen of cool, Kate Moss celebrates another year of her fashionable existence today. Pay homage by snagging yourself a Topshop-copy of this yellow chiffon dress circa 2004, (while it's still available) à net-a-porter.

05 January 2015


Forget Marsala, pastel pink is the color of 2015. 

Une très bonne année à tous ! 

09 April 2014

My mom says

After many months of hiatus, this blog is back and hopefully better than ever, bringing you a slew of fun new time-wasters, thanks be to the internet.

First up, a hilarious and girl-powered podcast entitled, Stuff Mom Never Told You. In partnership with How Stuff Works, SMNTY (the groups' self-created acronym) has amassed an unending archive, covering numerous topics. Browse the archives and stream your heart out.

Shocking as it may seem, they cover more than just dude-related issues. These are just like, super interesting and definitely update automatically and were not at all cherry-picked by me in a moment of weakness. Definitely not.

The hilarious American-duo also make videos on a range of light-hearted subjects including, "How much cologne is too much cologne," and "Why are kids obsessed with fire?"

(But really, why are they?!) 

Picks o' the week:

Extra credit to those who know what the Dark Triad is.

04 September 2013


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