15 February 2015

kiff du moment : les plumes Marni

In an attempt to clean out my overflowing closet, I've joined Vestiaire Collective.

A virtual consignment shop of haut de gamme labels, the site offers up a section of hand-picked new arrivals, including this feathered beauty.

In the time it took to make two calls : one to the dry cleaner specializing in exotic feathers, one to the bank demanding a student loan on the basis of fabulous-ness, the jacket had already sold. At a cool 1200€. 

Le luxe ne connait pas la crise. 

27 January 2015

Archi-cool girl Tavi Gevinson reveals her back-stage dressing room to The Covateur. As if life wasn't unfair enough as it is, she shows off her acquired collection of hand-me-downs from Stevie Nicks and humble-brags her way through 42 snaps of life with famous fashionable friends. I want those Cole Haan booties. I need those Cole Haan booties. 

16 January 2015

moss is boss

Queen of cool, Kate Moss celebrates another year of her fashionable existence today. Pay homage by snagging yourself a Topshop-copy of this yellow chiffon dress circa 2004, (while it's still available) à net-a-porter.

05 January 2015


Forget Marsala, pastel pink is the color of 2015. 

Une très bonne année à tous ! 

09 April 2014

My mom says

After many months of hiatus, this blog is back and hopefully better than ever, bringing you a slew of fun new time-wasters, thanks be to the internet.

First up, a hilarious and girl-powered podcast entitled, Stuff Mom Never Told You. In partnership with How Stuff Works, SMNTY (the groups' self-created acronym) has amassed an unending archive, covering numerous topics. Browse the archives and stream your heart out.

Shocking as it may seem, they cover more than just dude-related issues. These are just like, super interesting and definitely update automatically and were not at all cherry-picked by me in a moment of weakness. Definitely not.

The hilarious American-duo also make videos on a range of light-hearted subjects including, "How much cologne is too much cologne," and "Why are kids obsessed with fire?"

(But really, why are they?!) 

Picks o' the week:

Extra credit to those who know what the Dark Triad is.

04 September 2013

11 August 2013


July was a music-less month of working in Normandy, so this month's offering is full of good songs. Discoveries from a few new favorites : French groups Chateau Marmont,  La Femme,  plus a bad-ass (too cool for spotify) Interpol cover from Azealia Banks, seen below. 

And now for the rest.



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